Title: AICTE Sponsored Conference-Two days International conference on Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks (IOTWSN-2017)

(SITE Conference) Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering, Tadepalligudem, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA, Sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi.

Date:2017-11-18(17th and 18th November 2017) 10 A.M

Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering

Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering (SITE) is not just one more engineering college. It's a college with a difference. It has made its presence felt more with its academic discipline, results and the achievement of its students. Though started a few years back i.e. in 2002, it has set to compete with the best in the state. Providing the best education in engineering and technology and following the systems that SASI has developed over two decades, it has made its mark already in the minds of millions. The campus is located amid lush green fields in the spacious area of 28 acres offers world class facilities. It is well connected to rail and road transport. Hundreds of students throng every morning from nearby villages to the portals of Sasi to realize their dreams. It has become the first choice for any company that wants to recruit the best students with strong technical and soft skills. Naturally, it is the best choice for many parents who want to keep their wards in the safest and best academic environment.Treated the best in coastal belt of Andhra Pradesh for professional education, Sasi stands with highest success rate not only in academic lines but also in placements. Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering under the aegis of Sasi Educational Society is started in the year 2002. The campus is located in the Business hub of West Godavari district, Tadepalligudem town which is well connected to both road & rail transport.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is emerging as the third wave in the development of the internet. Internet of things (IoT) is expected to have a massive impact on consumer products, business and wider culture, but these are still early days. Given its potential for very wide applicability to almost all verticals and aspects of business, industries, manufacturing, consumer goods, supply chains, etc.. IoT as a whole is very broad area. This Workshop focuses Real time applications of IoT and Developing Projects in IoT, examines current leading companies in the market and technologies driving the same. Importantly based on analysis of current consumer sentiment about the new smart devices, carves out the potential opportunities to bring down the barriers the Internet of Things is facing on its way to mainstream adoption and who has potential to win in this segment. Sensor networks is an interdisciplinary field including many fields such as wireless networks and communications, protocols, distributed algorithms, signal processing, embedded systems, and information management. The advent of low-power processors, intelligent wireless networks, and low-power sensors coupled with “Big Data” analytics has led to what’s become a booming interest in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Put simply, this combination of technologies enables a multitude of sensors to be put anywhere: not just where communications and power infrastructure exists, but anywhere valuable information is gleaned regarding the how, where, or what of a given “thing.”

Registration Fee

Category Indian Author Foreign Author
Corporate Executive INR3000 USD200
Academicians INR 2500 USD150
Ph.D.Scholars INR 2500 USD150
Students INR 1500 USD 100



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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Internet of Things,Sensor Networks,Wireless sensor networks,Wireless networks and communications,Cognitive Computing,Optimization Techniques,Intelligent Agents, Soft Computing Techniques, Cloud & Fog Computing, Mobile Computing & Ad hoc Networks,Security Tools & Technologies, Embedded systems, Data analytics, Search Engines and Information Retrieval system, Real- time Systems, Real- time Analytics, Autonomous Agents,Security and Information Assurance,Robotics,Big data,Networking Trends & Tools, Enterpreneurship,Operation Research, Distributed Algorithms


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